Valletta Vintage
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"A wonderful alternative to the traditional accommodations for the holidays, dedicated especially to those who want to be immersed in the art and design of the city." 

ELLE DECOR, Italy, 26 February, 2018

“Old and new combine, under the roofs of five contemporary apartments in Malta's tiny historic capital...”

We Heart, online magazine, January 4, 2017


"It was hard not to love that small corner of the apartment, with its small table and its view on the street below. That’s how hours vanish quite easily here…”

the voyager, travel blog, December 5, 2016


"We love the combination of vintage design and modern style, and are fascinated by the product of three different generations connected by their craft.”

Boutique homes, travel agent


"A collection of properties that blend Malta's heritage with modern style to create accommodation that is perfectly in tune with today's design aesthetic".

— homeworks, Malta, February, 2016

"South-facing windows mean guests can soak up the sunlight and the sea views, while a roof terrace overlooks Valletta’s historic baroque architecture"

The Spaces, UK, 1 February, 2018

“In a city of Baroque architecture, Valletta Vintage Malta is a carefully blended marriage of old and new by Chris and Anna Briffa.”

Melting butter, NY, April 1, 2017


"Part of the Airbnb generation? Then forget the traditional hotel and stay in one of Valletta Vintage’s curated studios and apartments across the city for contemporary urban digs.”

Evening standard, UK, August 11, 2016


"Cool new things in Malta”

Conde Nast traveller, April 4, 2016


"Valletta Vintage is a seriously stylish collection of five studio apartments spread across three historic buildings in Valletta and Birgu, adorned with an eclectic mix of mainly vintage finds, complemented by bespoke and contemporary pieces."

The perfect hideaway, travel agent