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Variation in Language (Malta Café Scientifique)


Date and Time: Wednesday 7 February, 7:00PM

Location: Spazju Creativ

Venue: Studio B

Much of the social commentary and conversation about language use in Malta focuses on how well or how badly the population use the official languages. Often omitted is the fact that languages cannot ever have developed in a vacuum. Dialects, language varieties, different forms of languages or even a mix of our languages must have come from somewhere. They must have gradually taken shape in response to the feedback, constraints or needs of our society.

In this talk, Dr Sarah Grech will explore with the audience one or two features of Maltese English which can better illustrate just how deeply entwined the Maltese language is within society. Together, they will also consider when and how it might be useful to think of refining or shaping the available languages to serve various communities most effectively, as people become more aware that different contexts often require them to make careful choices from among the many languages and dialects available in Malta.

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