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Heyday. Meetup #8: Company Culture.

Why do you choose a company over another?

It is becoming increasingly apparent that an open, trusting and respectful team culture improves a company’s overall outcome and the day-to-day lives of employees — but how can a company ‘create' a positive culture? It is the leadership’s responsibility to establish guiding values, but do team members also play a key role in shaping working environment?

And what does a positive company culture look like beyond the team building events, ping pong tables and flexible working hours? How important is it for employees to elicit meaning from their work, have fair ethical guidelines to fall back on, and an inspiring purpose behind the founders’ vision? 

What does it take for you to be a better leader and foster the right company culture?

Join the discussion on October 12 at Cafe Society Valletta.

Mariella Parascandalo (Hotjar)
Frank Fischer (Crossover)
Frida Svensson (LeoVegas)
Benji Borg (ANCHOVY.)


Later Event: October 13
A Beautiful Mind